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The opening date of the new Ballast Point location in Long Beach has long been a mystery. We all knew it was coming, but when exactly was the mystery. Even with contacts on the inside, we still couldn’t get the info. While at our 2nd MeetUp on Wednesday, one of the members mentioned, “Ballast Point is opening tomorrow”. Sure enough, with just a simple Facebook post, it was announced they would be opening their doors at 11AM the next day. I guess when you’re as big as Ballast Point, all you need is a little Facebook post to inform the masses.

On Thursday, June 30th, we were fortunate enough to have been able to be there as the doors opened. Pulling up, you can see construction still going on as they are putting on the final touches to the building. We strolled around the building, this place is massive and impressive. After taking a lap, we jumped in line (yes, there was a line) around 10:50. We were probably 20 back.. Right at 11, they opened as scheduled. We were really happy that we went right as they opened because from the photos friends posted later in the evening, they showed how packed the place was.

There are 2 levels and 3 bars, 2 downstairs and one upstairs and plenty of places to sit all over. The most popular spots, I imagine, will be the upstairs areas overlooking the bay. It was an honor to meet Chris and Dougie, who run the actual brewery and got to check out their operation. Their first brew is officially in process and they expect it to be ready in about 3 weeks. Did we mention this location will be focusing on their Sour Program?? Can’t wait! Below is a photo of Dougie bear hugging his Bretts…


Need to charge your phone or plug in your computer? The bars, or at least the first one I sat at in the back corner of the first floor, have outlets for both plugs and usb. They also have the hooks for women (or men) to hang their purses.


There’s tons more awesome I can say about having Ballast Point in Long Beach, but I’m sure everyone already knows how awesome they are.. So instead, enjoy the photos…

Ballast Point coming to Long Beach!

Okay, this likely isn’t new news to a lot of people, but it’s definitely something to look forward to! For those of you that it IS news to… Ballast Point is coming to Long Beach! They are setting up shop in Alamitos Bay. More specific, they have taken over what used to be Khoury’s Restaurant. That is a prime waterfront spot and is over 11,000 sq ft… More exciting, for me at least, is the new facility will be focusing on expanding their sour beer program!

I passed by just to make sure the rumors were true and what I saw was impressive.. I’ve been to Khoury’s before and didn’t realized how big the space actually was. Peeking through the fence, you can see the fermenters on one side and what looks to be a bar area on the other.. It also looks like there will be an upper deck overlooking the bay! Definitely can’t wait for this to be done.