As we wait for the breweries to open in Long Beach, we decided to venture to the outskirts to see what neighboring cities have to offer. For our 3rd MeetUp, we headed over the Vincent Thomas bridge to check out Brouwerij West in San Pedro! The brewery utilizes a Meura Mash Filter which is much more efficient than a conventional lauter tun. What exactly does this mean, I don’t really know either.. but all you need to know is it creates higher yields using less grains and best of all, less water. With this California drought, I guess this makes them a green brewery?

If you haven’t been yet, it’s definitely worth the trip. The space they occupy is HUGE and the selection of beer is great. Whether you want something light, fruity, hoppy, strong or sour, they (usually) have something for everyone’s tastes. Thanks to Andi for giving us the grand tour of the facility.

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Brouwerij West
110 E 22nd St
San Pedro, CA 90731

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