Christo Brock, the writer and director of “Touch the Wall” (a documentary following two swimming superstars on their journey to the 2012 Olympic Games), is directing a new film: Brewmance. The Brewmance movie is about home brewing and the craft beer industry in America and it will focus on the opening of two of Long Beach’s newest breweries!

“Craft beer is a community of sharing and supporting,” Christo said about what impresses him most about the subject. “In some ways craft beer epitomizes all that is great about America. It’s about innovation. It’s about outside-of-the-box thinking. It’s that ‘can do’ spirit.”

The project began when Christo’s friend, who is a member of the Culver City based home brew club Pacific Gravity, told Christo about the club. Specifically, he told Christo that during the meetings the club members share their home brew with each other, offer feedback, share recipes, and generally provide each other with friendship and support. At that point Christo was starting to work on a film about wine but felt more drawn to the supportive community that he saw in the craft beer world. “Besides,” he told me, “craft beer is a more ‘American’ subject.” And thus, the Brewmance movie was born.

The filming of Brewmance officially started with a visit to the Long Beach Homebrewers Club in September of 2016. At that meeting Christo met Dan and Jessie Sundstrom of Ten Mile who were at that time a year away from their opening. The Sundstroms introduced Christo to Dan Reagan of Liberation Brewing and with that the pieces fell into place and the two breweries became the focus of the film.

Brewmance follows the progress of Ten Mile and Liberation from the early stages of their development to their opening day, as well as features interviews with many iconic and important figures in the brewing world discussing development of craft beer in America. Some of the interviewees include Charlie Papazian (founder of the Homebrewers Association), Chris White (of White Labs), and Ken Grossman (founder of Sierra Nevada). Even our very own Robert Garcia, Mayor of Long Beach, speaks with Christo.

Christo and his crew have traveled all over the country to bring to us an all-encompassing understanding of the development of the craft beer industry. Filming will soon come to completion here in Long Beach when Liberation Brewing opens for business later this month. A Kickstarter campaign will begin when the film is ready for editing. When the film is complete it will be offered as a “screening on demand,” which will allow for fans to build-their-own showing.

For updates about the Brewmance movie and some fun sneak peaks, follow their Instagram (@brewmancemovie). For Kickstarter information (when that time comes), other film information, and to learn more about Christo and his film team visit their website ( Also, “Touch the Wall” is available to view on Netflix.

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