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Future Home of Smog City Brewing

Smog City Brewing will be opening a satellite tasting room in Long Beach! For a while, I was wondering if/when it would actually happen as I pass the location often. Yesterday, I was excited to see they finally broke ground!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Long Beach will be the home of SteelCraft, a new permanent food lot that will be built entirely from shipping containers.

Smog City has already released an IPA called SteelCraft that is only available around Long Beach. We’ll see if we can get a list of current locations and post it up.

We’ll get more info for you soon.. For now, check out some photos of the future home of Smog City’s satellite tasting room!

Ballast Point coming to Long Beach!

Okay, this likely isn’t new news to a lot of people, but it’s definitely something to look forward to! For those of you that it IS news to… Ballast Point is coming to Long Beach! They are setting up shop in Alamitos Bay. More specific, they have taken over what used to be Khoury’s Restaurant. That is a prime waterfront spot and is over 11,000 sq ft… More exciting, for me at least, is the new facility will be focusing on expanding their sour beer program!

I passed by just to make sure the rumors were true and what I saw was impressive.. I’ve been to Khoury’s before and didn’t realized how big the space actually was. Peeking through the fence, you can see the fermenters on one side and what looks to be a bar area on the other.. It also looks like there will be an upper deck overlooking the bay! Definitely can’t wait for this to be done.

Belmont Brewing Company


In the future, we plan on featuring each brewery by hopefully talking to the owners and brewers so we can share their stories with everyone.  The stories are probably out there somewhere already but we would like to compile everything about the Long Beach scene on one page.  Stay tuned!!

BBC Shirt


Alright, I’m just trying to fill in content now to make the site look more full and figure out how I want things to be displayed..  Might as well post a photo of BBC’s new shirt.  Pretty cool!

Congregation Ales


On (most) Thursdays, Congregation Ale House hosts a Pint Night where they feature brews from breweries around the world.  Tonight they featured their own beers which are brewed at their brewery in Azusa.  I only had time for one beer and chose Our Daily IPA w/Mosaic Hops.  Amen.